[Cf] After the strategic blast mode is under the shelf, can many people blasting?

Oh, everyone is good! I am a Linghujie. In the last new version of the new version, the official has always been temporarily processed by the strategic blasting mode of the game occupancy.

This also means that many people who have been expecting will blast the gameplay, may have to bid farewell to everyone for a while. Just, if you want to return to the game again later, you can think about how you should go! Multi-person blasting map Selection It may be that the strategic blasting mode has been greatly amplified in the number of traditional blasting games, so it is updated in the strategic blast mode. At the time, I have a new game map specially prepared for it: Friendship Base .

The main feature of the game map of Friendship Base is that the map area is large, and the map structure is complex, but it seems that this map feature is undoubtedly fail . Because of the players who look forward to multi-person blasting game, it is more exciting and fast-paced game fighting. In addition, for blasting maps, the players are difficult to accept and recognize the new map.

Based on these reasons, the Linghujie felt that there would be a multi-person blasting game in the future, and you can consider the direct launch of the more mainstream blast maps directly, quarrying supplier such as desert – gray, black town. These.

Simply, it is directly to enhance the number of games in the traditional blasting map, and maybe this is the multi-person blast mode of players really expect.

Multi-person blasting game innovation

If it is simply increased the number of games of blasting gameplay, this multi-person blast mode is somewhat perfunctory. Want to let multi-person blast mode stood in the game, Linghu sister feels that the game mechanism is the root of the multi-person blast mode in the game!

The reason why players look forward to multi-person blasting, their purpose is to experience different blasting gameplay, the increase in the number of games is just a plurality of people who blast mode. . Linghu sister thinks that if multi-person blast mode has a return of return, you may wish to learn from the Open Random Properties mechanism in multi-humanized mode.

What can be achieved as for start random attributes , there are more tricks! For example, what is the three flash, all the blood volume improvement, immortal (reference to the purple battle flag of the battle flag).


Good, today’s content is here. What is better ideas and suggestions for the future game development of multi-person blast mode?